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This is a list of those people that have the same love of multisports and ultra running that I do. Some event organisers that I've worked for, some kit suppliers that I rely on for racing or photography..




Uber Fit Events was born in the Uber-City of Manchester, UK and is committed to creating exciting and totally fresh events that inspire the multi sport community to zip on wetsuits, fine tune bikes, lace up trainers and race!

We're 100% passionate about the positive effect that sport and fitness activities can have on our world and want to make a small difference to people's health and happiness by giving you the chance to indulge your love of endorphin fuelled physical activity



How exciting can a waterproof coat and a pair of walking socks be? Well this lot test all the kit they sell in the most testing conditions from the Arctic to the Gobi Desert. And it even works in the Peaks too. Great service, great products, great prices.



Outdoor gear that does the job. Really really well. No, you can't get it in Millets, but it's worth tracking it down (hint, look above!) and when you do then it's worth it.



Decent bunch of people working there, and they all know their stuff from being out there racing every week. It's more than a shop, a whole lot more. Bailed me out on a couple of occasions when I've needed something specific in a hurry. Just don't try one of Paul's core classes if you intened to move the next day.